Previous Seminars 

Date Speaker Title
08.10.10 Jacqui Chan Bacteriophages of Marine Roseobacter
15.10.10 Anna Stincone A Systems Biology approach shows OmpR is required for acid resistance to E. Coli BW25113
22.10.10 Rosemary Dyson Modeling Plant Root Growth
29.10.10 Sonia Martins Optimal survival strategies for plasmids in biofilms and chemostats
12.11.10 Rafik a Salama A thermodynamic approach for Multiple Sequence Alignment of DNA non coding regions (TFBS)
19.11.10 Robert Clegg Modeling Bacterial Population Dynamics
26.11.10 Jan Kreft Individual-based modelling of horizontal gene transfer in biofilms
03.12.10 Ralf Weber Characterisation of Isotopic Abundance Measurements in High Resolution FT-ICR and FT-Orbitrap Mass Spectra for Improved Confidence of Metabolite Identification
10.12.10 Francesco Falciani Reverse engineering biological networks as a tool in modern biology
28.01.11 Dave Smith Hard spheres versus PDEs: two conflicting approaches to modelling swimming cells.
04.02.11 Greg Carslaw, Julie Christian and Dietmar Heinke Modelling destigmatisation: An agent-based approach to intergroup contact.
11.02.11 Peter Winn Investigating the Role of EvgS in Acid Resistance via Structural Bioinformatics. Does it have a pH Detection Domain?
18.02.11 S han He Feature selection for high-dimensional omics data
25.02.11 Mihail Halachev Orthologues in Prokaryotes: Comuptation and Applications
04.02.11 Mark Pallen High-throughput sequencing in clinical microbiology: opportunities and challenges.
11.03.11 Susanne Schmidt When modelling biodegradation on the micro scale, degrader colony distribution does matter.
18.03.11 Nick Loman Genomics & Cloud Computing
25.03.11 Bhima Van der Molen  
01.04.11 Olga Hrydziuszko Missing data in mass spectrometry based metabolomics
08.04.11 Chinmay Kanchi Modelling the gut microbiota
15.04.11 Dorota Herman Mathematical model for transcription regulation of plasmid RK2 and its evolutionary optimization
06.05.11 John  Heath Protein Computing
13.05.11 Robert Clegg Modelling Replicative Senescence
20.05.11 Nil Turan Mesenchimal cell differentiation
27.05.11 Yuiko Takbayashi Exploring the interaction(s) between thiomarinol and its target enzyme
03.06.11 Shan He Optimization methods
10.06.11 Andrew Smith Symmetry breaking flow in the zebrafish embryo
17.06.11 Jacqueline Chan Multi-drug resistant Acientobacter baumaniii - genomic profilling of an emerging hospital pathogen
24.06.11 Jan Kreft Public goods - private shares
02.09.11 Rosemary Dyson The role of extracellular matrix anisotropy in determining tissue architecture
09.09.11 Wazeer Versally Genome-wide ChIP-chip and network analysis of ribosomal proteins L7, L11, L25 and NMD factor Upf1 in S. pombe
16.09.11 Ralph Weber I nvestigating the effects of metabolic manipulation in patients undergoing coronary artery and aortic valve surgery using mass-spectrometry-based approaches.
23.09.11 Bhima Van der Molen  
30.09.11 Martin Sergeant Analysis of the chicken microbiome using 16S and metagenomics
07.10.11 Jaanika Kronberg High level dynamical models of non-model species
14.10.11 Mark Pallen Open-source genomics of the German E. coli outbreak.
21.10.11 Dave Smith What's the best way for a sperm to swim?
28.10.11 Mihail Halachev What presence/absence of genes can tell us about bacterial phylogeny
04.11.11 NIck Loman Sequencing on the benchtop
11.11.11 Shan He Complex network analysis algorithms
18.11.11 Jan Kreft Does a single bacterial cell grow exponentially?
25.11.11 Rob Clegg Divide and conquer: how do bacteria deal with damage?
09.12.11 Peter Winn A new relational database for PDB, Pfam and SwissProt
20.01.12 Sonia Martins Studying plasmid transfer and stability in a community of hosts: theoretical and experimental insights
10.02.12 John Heath Q & A
24.02.12 Yuiko Takbayashi Exploring the interaction(s) between thiomarinol and its target enzyme
02.03.12 Nick Duggett High throughput sequencing of the chicken-gut microbiome
09.03.12 Noorie Karimbocus Modelling the Ras GTPase cycle using the Stochastic Pi Machine
20.03.12 Peter Winn Burial Preferences in Proteins Reflect Biological Utility as well as their Physical Properties
27.04.12 Jan Kreft Code verification/validation or what can go wrong in scientific computing?
04.05.12 Thomas Johnson S wimming in Biological Fluids
11.05.12 Helani Sodium valproate - studies on C.elegans
18.05.12 Kim Clarke A Model of Human Skeletal Muscle Ageing Provides Insights Into a Potential Role for Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 6 in Regulating Energy Metabolism
25.05.12 Shan He Biological network analysis -- new algorithms and preliminary results
08.06.12 Rob Clegg Ageing and Repair in Bacteria: an Individual-based Modelling approach
15.06.12 Dave Parker Design and Analysis of DNA Strand Displacement Devices using Probabilistic Model Checking
22.06.12 Ralf Weber Workshop : Optimized Analytical Quality of Direct-Infusion Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics
07.12.12 Sara Jabbari Mathematical modelling of gene regulation networks in bacteria
14.12.12 Feng Dong Mathematical modelling the impact of silver nanoparticles on the formation and structure of biofilm
11.01.13 Jan Kreft Bacterial Patterns on Plant Leaves
18.01.13 Ralf Weber
25.01.13 Aditi Kanhere Many Faces of transcription factor GATA3
01.02.13 Aaron Sloman

How can a planet (or a cloud of dust) produce Minds, Mathematics Music and Marmite (along with murder, religious bigotry, and other nastiness)?

15.02.13 Jacqui Chan
22.02.13 Robert Clegg
01.03.13 Rosemary Dyson The mechanics of plant root growth
08.03.13 Peter Winn Hydrophobicity, Self Assembly and Amino Acid Solvent Accessibility
15.03.13 Lindsey Leach Homoeologous gene expression in hexaploid bread wheat