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10th December - Centre for West Midlands History Christmas Social

7th December - Connecting people, place and things in Sir Hans Sloane's botanical collection

23rd November - Caribee Island: Inside Wolverhampton's Most Infamous Neighbourhood

21st November - Birmingham History Day

19th November - 'Inservi Deo et Laetare' (Serve God and be cheerful): the colourful history of the choral foundation at Lichfield Cathedral in the Georgian era

9th November - Avarice and Fraud: Later medieval merchants and debt

5th November - Astley Castle: Three Queens of England, George Eliot and the Stirling Prize for Architecture

19th October - The Laurence Cadbury Collection at Selly Manor

17th October - Black Country History Day

14th July - Ways to Remember: The First World War through the lens of Florence Camm's war memorial windows

3rd June - Newman Brothers Coffin Works, Birmingham. An introduction to a newly opened heritage event

12th May - Fortunes of war: the West Midlands at the time of Waterloo

29th April - The Birmingham Book Club, 1745 - 1900: an influential but little-known society at the heart of Birmingham life

14th April - To the Bull Ring! Policing and the early Chartist Protests in Birmingham

14th April - To the Bull Ring! Policing and the early Chartist protests in Birmingham

23rd March - Commerce, civilization and Christianity: Sierra Leone company policy, c. 1791-1807

14th-15th March - The Beauty of Letters text, type and communication in the eighteenth century

10th March - Malcolm X and Marshall Street, Smethwick: 50 Years on

10th March - Malcolm X and Marshall Street, Smethwick: 50 years on

9th March - Museums and academe: from Maiden Castle to Thomas Hardy via Liverpool

7th March - The Midlands and the Great War

25th February - Arts and crafts children's books: Birmingham women illustrators

23rd February - A cabinet of curiosities: Birmingham as the toy-shop of Europe

10th February - Black Poppies - Britain's Black Community and the Great War

29th January - Conservation and research of the Staffordshire Hoard

13th January - Beyond Boulton: the archaeology of Birmingham's industries


9th December - Ecology and politics in pre-modern eastern Eurasia

8th December - The urban teenager: work, play and a final resting place

24th November - Voices from beyond the grave: how coroners' rolls can inform our understanding of Warwickshire life in the late Middle Ages

10th November - 'Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered' (Ella Fitzgerald): researching the poor law

4th November - Bringing history to life

18th October - Black Country History Day

7th October - Archaeology and the natural environment

7th October - Scotland and the British Army, 1707-1750

7th October - Ways to Remember: The First World War through the lens of Florence Camm's war memorial windows

6th October - Empire, violence and the making of early colonial South Asia, c.1753-1817

21st June - Art production in the Jewellery Quarter: past and present

18th June - The contemporary restoration of Hagley Park

2nd June - Coalbrookdale: an eighteenth-century landscape of philanthropy

19th May - A Rutland puzzle resolved: the county's petition in 1641

15th May - Harry Northwood: from Stourbridge to the USA

7th May - Compensating the Victims of the Birmingham

15th April - Elizabeth I and the "Monstrous Regiment" of Women in Tudor and Stuart England

10th April - An important papier maché box presented by the manufacturer Henry Clay to the Birmingham Overseers of the Poor in 1784

24th March - Coming to America: Rubery Owen, a Black Country Business and the Drive for Efficiency

21st March - Back to back and Up the Yard: Life and Death in Back-Street Birmingham, 1880 – 1960

19th March - The Birmingham Gun Trade - An Introduction

11th March - Disgracing the Raj: white and mixed race prostitution in Colonial India

10th March - I could have guessed it was full of water, can I have my money back": Town and Castle ditches from the Midlands – why it is worth doing the environmental archaeology

24th February - Manuscript Books for Medieval Midlands Readers

20th February - Joseph Wright of Derby: the Philosopher's Painter

10th February - Transport and fuel in the West Midlands in the late 17th century: Andrew Yarranton and the Stour Navigation

27th January - Climate Change, Warfare and Ecocide in the Early Fourteenth-century British Isles

14th January - Fishing, ploughing and pesky pirates: people, power and personalities in a coastal manor ca.1270-1350


10th December - John Baskerville and the power of print

25th November - 'It's all a Gas': the development and provision of household technology in the Black Country 1800-1939

23rd November - Birmingham History Day

12th November - The Napoleon of the Caucus' the career of Francix Schnadhorst, Britain's first professional political organiser

11th November - The Staffordshire Hoard: An Insider's View

28th October - 'It is generally thought that a city garden is an impossibility': exploring urban garden provision in five nineteenth-century English towns

25th October - Birmingham, the Great Working City [video stream available]

25th October - Talking Brummie: The Vernon Manuscript

19th October - Black Country History Day

14th October - Nineteenth century prison provision for juveniles in Birmingham

30th September - Primary Sources for Local and Regional History held in Special Collections

20th May - Creating a medieval history gallery

2nd May - Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane? Life After the PhD

19th March - The life and times of William Hutton: Birmingham's first historian 1723-1815

18th March - 'It's all a Gas': the development and provision of household technology in the Black Country 1800-1939

12th March - Birmingham and Beyond seminar series

4th March - The place of the dead: territory and identity in the early modern landscape

18th February - Accomplished ladies or professional women? Women in art and design in Birmingham in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

4th February - The Bull Ring, an iconic Birmingham landmark: the popularity of 19th century topographical views

21st January - Brilliant with all colours: Vesuvius and the evolution of it's image

7th January - Deserted villages visited - new interdisciplinary approaches