The body social: synthesising sociology and biology to re-conceptualise student identity

The British Academy

2015 - 2016

Principal Investigator
Professor Deborah Youdell


British Academy Mid-career Fellowship

Advances in genetics and neuroscience are creating new knowledge about identity and development that captures the headlines and is informing policy on education, health, social care and criminal justice. Yet public understanding of these new ideas and their implications is limited.

This Fellowship brings together evidence from sociology and biology to understand and disseminate what these disciplines can tell each other about the making of children and young people’s bodies, minds, and social and learner identities. It includes a focused review of literature from across the target disciplines, consultation with biological and social scientists, and a series of inter-disciplinary expert workshops. Public engagement is at the heart of the programme which will deliver a series of bespoke interactive workshops and events for professionals, volunteers, community members, parents/guardians, and children and young people.