Human Interface Technologies Team

HIT team logoThe University of Birmingham’s Human Interface Technologies (HIT) Team has been pioneering the development, evaluation and uptake of Virtual Reality and telepresence/ telerobotic technologies since its launch by Professor Bob Stone in 2003, building on nearly 30 years of experience in simulation, robotics and Human Factors for applications in aerospace, defence and healthcare.

Academic Staff

Doctoral Researchers

  • Chris Bibb – Future Generation Cockpits (BAE Systems/EPSRC CASE PhD Studentship)
  • Megan Field – Impact of Automation in Command and Control (BAE Systems/EPSRC CASE PhD Studentship)
  • Yuqing Gao – Image-Based Approaches to Augmented Reality in Rural Scenes
  • Hossein Moghimi – Physiological Correlates of Performance and Emotion in Adaptive Virtual Environments
  • Vishant Shingfari – Human Factors and Digital Healthcare
  • Charlotte Small (with QEHB) – Restorative Environments for Rehabilitation: interactive technologies for enhanced rehabilitation of military and civilian patients following major trauma and critical illness
  • Jamie White – Simulation-Based Training for Challenging Clinical Decisions