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Posted 21 June 2016

Clean cold has a key role to play in UN Global Goals

Developments in thermal energy technologies (heating and cooling) and the global cold economy has an important part to play if we are to achieve the Global Goals, according to Professor Toby Peters.

Posted 17 May 2016

MTC launches 'Factory in a Box'

Backed by £10m funding from the Thermal Energy Research Accelerator (T-ERA), the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) together with the University of Birmingham and Loughborough University have developed the 'Factory in a Box' concept that deploys custom-designed mini-factories into established manufacturing operations across the world.

Posted 26 August 2015

Energy Research Accelerator appoints inaugural CEO

The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) has today announced the appointment of Gordon Waddington as its Chief Executive Officer. The appointment follows the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer of an initial £60 million funding for the Midlands based energy research and development hub, as a founding project of the Midlands Engine for Growth Programme.

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Clean cold has a key role to play in UN Global Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations launched the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: 17 goals to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030 – end poverty, combat climate change, and fight injustice and inequality.

The potential of air – born out of a garage

In the fifteen years since Peter Dearman first sprang his ‘garden shed’ invention on the world, its significance is growing out of all recognition. What started life as a clever way to displace fossil fuels in piston engines has spawned not only an emerging suite of zero-emission technologies that have the potential to solve several stubborn energy problems, but also an entirely new way of thinking about cooling.