MSc courses and PhD topics 

Courses offered in the area of Environmental Health Sciences.

Applied Meteorology and Climatology MSc

Weather and climate are integral parts of the Earth system. The monitoring of meteorological variables, together with the knowledge and modelling of underlying processes, are key to understanding our interaction with the natural environment.

This programme provides [more...]

Air Pollution Management and Control MSc/Diploma

Air pollution damages human health, ecosystems and vegetation, and is expected to worsen in many regions. Every year, air pollution costs EU economies US$ 1.6 trillion and is linked to 7 million premature deaths globally. Developing effective strategies for the [more...]

Environmental Health MSc

This programme provides an accredited pathway for science-based graduates to become Environmental Health practitioners. It is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) as meeting its core curriculum requirements. 

The course is taught using [more...]

Health, Safety and Environment Management MSc/Diploma

This programme (formally Science of Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment) recognises the increasing demand from both industry and enforcement bodies to integrate occupational health, safety and environmental management issues.

On completion of this course you [more...]

Public and Environmental Health Sciences MSc

This programme is designed for international students wishing to advance their knowledge in public health and environmental health. It provides opportunities to understand how to manage risks posed to public and environmental health and provide the necessary solutions.

A [more...]

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