New Gender and Sexuality Studies modules launched in English Department

From the 2017/2018 academic year onwards, students in the Department of English will be able to take new modules in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Two, new complementary modules will be offered on the second and third-year curriculum, named ‘Introduction to Gender and Sexuality’ and ‘Feminist Killjoys: Theories of Gender and Sexuality’. While the modules will build on each other, it will not be a requirement for third-year students to have taken the second-year module.

The modules will cover topics including happiness, homonationalism, intersectionality, masculinity, ecology, race and social reproduction. We will use material drawn from visual culture and media studies, as well as more traditional work in literary studies.

The third-year module will take a more theoretical approach, with theorists discussed including Sara Ahmed, Carol J. Adams, Lee Edelman, Silvia Federici and Jasbir Puar. Sara Ahmed’s work has provided the third-year module title, and Ahmed’s 2010 essay ‘Feminist Killjoys (And Other Wilful Subjects)’ will be one of the first assigned texts.

The modules have already proven very popular with students, with large numbers signing up for the first year.

The introduction of new modules on gender and sexuality in the Department of English marks a significant step towards greater coverage of these areas on the undergraduate curriculum. The convenors Hannah Boast, Zara Dinnen, Toria Johnson and Rachel Sykes are excited to introduce these modules, and look forward to gender and sexuality studies in English going from strength to strength.