Dr Shelley Budgeon

Dr Shelley Budgeon

Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Contact details

+44 (0)121 415 8621
+44 (0)121 414 3496
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr. Shelley Budgeon is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology who specializes in gender and feminist theory. Her research concentrates on how various forces of social change impact on the constitution of gender relations and processes of gender identification. Contemporary gender equality discourses and their specific manifestation in ‘modernized’ state sanctioned approaches to gender issues provide the focus for her current research. Her books include Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Gender in Late Modernity (Palgrave, 2011) and Choosing a Self: Young Women and the Individualization of Identity (Praegar, 2003). She has co-edited a special issue of Current Sociology on “Cultures of Intimacy and Care Beyond ‘The Family’ and has published in a wide range of journals including Sociology, “The Dynamics of Gender Hegemony: Femininities, Masculinities and Social Change” (2013), Sexualities, Body & Society, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Sociological Research Online, and Women’s Studies International Forum. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia Institute for Gender, ‘Race’, Sexuality and Social Justice and at the Monash University Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research.


PhD University of Leeds

MA University of British Columbia

BA University of Calgary


Shelley took up a Lecturer position in Sociology at the University of Birmingham in 2003 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2005. Prior to this appointment she was a Research Fellow in the department of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Leeds where she was awarded her PhD in Sociology. In 2010 she joined the Department of Political Science and International Studies.


Shelley contributes to teaching on level one Social Divisions, level two Gender and Sexuality, level two Global Societies and a level three module on the Family: Institution, Relationship and Myth. Shelley supervises undergraduate dissertations, MA dissertations and provides supervision for both MPhil and PhD students

Postgraduate supervision

Shelley would welcome research students interested in researching the following areas:

  • New equality discourses and practices
  • Gendered organizations
  • Gender relations, identity and ‘new’ feminities
  • Gender and feminism
  • Gender, neoliberalism and politics
  • Postfeminism and gender equality
  • Intimacy and personal relationships


Research interests

  • The relationship between gender, feminism and social change
  • Postfeminism, neoliberalism and gender inequality
  • Gender and individualisation
  • Gendered subjectivities and identities
  • Feminist theory
  • Feminist method and epistemology
  • Sexuality and personal relationships

Other activities

Other professional appointments

Editorial Boards

  • Sociology Associate Editorial Board 2010-13

Professional Organisations

  • British Sociological Association
  • Feminist and Women’s Studies Association UK
  • International Sociological Association


Budgeon, S. (2013) “The Dynamics of Gender Hegemony: Femininities, Masculinities and Social Change”, Sociology. DOI: 10.1177/0038038513490358

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