The South Saskatchewan River Project

Aerial shot of the South Saskatchewan RiverThis project aims to quantify the relationship between the 'process' (i.e. sediment erosion and transport) and 'product' (i.e. deposition and preservation) in sandy braided rivers. Our work is focussed on the South Saskatchewan River, Canada, near the small town of Outlook, the same site as reported in the classic paper by Cant & Walker (1978).

These pages provide just a brief background to the project, for specific details of results please refer to the publications list. We are currently testing many of the ideas that have been generated from this work on one of the World’s largest rivers, the Rio Parana in Argentina. Full details of this project can be found on the Parana web pages.

Principal Investigators:

  • Greg Sambrook Smith (University of Birmingham)
  • Jim Best (University of Illinois)
  • Phil Ashworth (University of Brighton)
  • Stuart Lane (University of Durham)