Research themes 


Spiny TrilobiteThe palaeobiology research theme at Birmingham spans an extraordinary range of biological, temporal and spatial scales. Our research theme includes world-leading systematists and palaeoecologists specializing in organisms ranging from single-celled algae to the largest vertebrates to have walked the Earth (as well as the plants they ate). Find out more about our Palaeobiology research.


Speleothems-Soplao Cave CantabriaPalaeoclimate research at Birmingham integrates sedimentologists, palaeontologists, geochemists and climate modelers to produce an integrated view of ancient palaeoenvironmental change. Our time periods of study stretch from detailed investigations of the sedimentology and glacial process of Proterozoic “snowball earth” events, to super high-resolution speleothem reconstructions and General Circulation Model simulations of Holocene climate. Find out more about our palaeoclimates research.

Dynamic Earth

Rio ParanaResearch in this area includes a range of work on the evolution of rifted margins with a current focus on an international collaborative project involving 3-D seismic profiling of the Iberian margin. The work has important implications for the role of deeply ingressing water, through serpentinization, in guiding the structural history of margins. Find out more about our Dynamic Earth research.