Nonhuman Animals and the Ethics of Climate Change Mitigation

ERI 149
Arts and Law, Research
Wednesday 12th December 2018 (15:15-17:00)
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Dr Angie Pepper (Université de Montréal)

Angie Pepper is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre de Recherche en Éthique, Université de Montréal. She will be joining the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics at the University of Birmingham in September 2018.

Her most recent work focuses on the development of a sentience-centred cosmopolitan framework that can guide us in determining principles of global interspecies justice. Angie is especially interested in exploring how the inclusion of nonhuman animals within mainstream accounts of global justice reveals tensions and inadequacies within those positions, and in thinking about what global justice demands for all sentient animals living on Earth. Moreover, Angie is looking at how the interests of nonhuman animals might be incorporated within models of cosmopolitan democracy and how they might be best represented at the global level in the absence of transnational democratic institutions and practices. Aside from her work on nonhuman animals and global justice, Angie is also interested in the place of non-sentient life in our moral thinking, feminist theorizing about justice, political agency and action, the right to privacy, and the importance of assent and dissent in realizing interspecies justice. 

This seminar is part of the 2018-19 Global Ethics Tea Seminar Series hosted by the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics.

The talk will start at 15h15, but please join us for tea and cake from 14h00.

Venue:  ERI Building room 149