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The Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, hosted by the Department of Philosophy, is an international hub of interdisciplinary research, impact and engagement. Centre staff work on major issues in international ethics and global justice and train the next generation of students to tackle these issues. We work across global ethics with focus areas on justice and development, environment and health, gender justice and conflict and security. We collaborate with range of partners within and outside the University, including the Birmingham UNESCO Bioethics Unit.


Professor Heather Widdows on the global ideals of beauty

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Posted 08 August 2018

Beauty as a moral virtue: the case of "Dr. Bumbum"

Professor Heather Widdows is interviewed for BBC News Brazil about beauty as a moral virtue, following the recent news that a celebrity Brazilian cosmetic surgeon known as "Dr Bumbum" has gone on the run after a woman died following injections he gave her (article in Portuguese).

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