New Deputy Director for International Links

Dr. Luis Cabrera, a Reader in Political Theory in Birmingham’s Department of Political Science and International Studies, has joined the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics as Deputy Director for International Links.

Cabrera, who has served as an Associate Member of the Centre since arriving at Birmingham from Arizona State University in 2007, will focus on developing and strengthening connections between Global Ethics and other globally focused ethics and justice centres globally.

An initial emphasis will be the joint support, with Yale’s Macmillan Global Justice Program, of a programme focused on global justice at the University of Delhi. Cabrera, with partners Dr. Ashok Acharya at Delhi and Professor Thomas Pogge at Yale, has secured £50,000 in initial funding for the programme from the British Council’s UK-India Education Research Initiative. The Nyaya Global Justice Programme will be a major intellectual hub for the study of international ethical questions which have strong implications for India and neighbouring countries. These include questions about India’s role in the World Trade Organisation, G20 and United Nations Security Council, fairness in international trade, cooperation in poverty reduction efforts, and ethics in global security issues.

Nyaya, which means justice in Hindi, will also be the hub for a doctoral student exchange programme that will send three Delhi students each to Birmingham and Yale, and will send two Yale and Birmingham students to Delhi. The exchanges will be awarded competitively and are open to all doctoral researchers at the institutions whose work is focused on global ethics/global justice. In addition to the exchanges, the three are organizing a major conference, ‘Global Justice and the Global South’, at Delhi University in 2014, and a postgraduate conference focused on global justice at Birmingham in Spring 2015.

In his Deputy Director role, Cabrera will pursue similar linkages between Birmingham Global Ethics and centres and individual scholars in North America, including Mexico; Europe, Australasia and elsewhere.

"I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to make a larger contribution to the good work that is being done at the Global Ethics centre", Cabrera said. "Given the tremendous growth in the number of global ethics and global justice centres and programmes over the last several years, there are a range of very fruitful overseas links that can be made by Birmingham. These linkages will help us offer a greater range of salient experiences to our students, and they should help promote the study and practice of global ethics in many countries."