Doctoral Researchers

Saving Humans doctoral students at Birmingham come from across the University with students working in all areas; from global ethics, to development, security, public health and civil engineering.

Below are some current students working in these areas which give an idea of the types of topics which can be studied at Birmingham and the different approaches involved:

  • Josh Baker - Missed Opportunities and the United States-Iranian Nuclear Negotiations 2001-2011
    Supervised by Professor Nick Wheeler and Professor Scott Lucas;
  • Andris Banka - American Drone Strikes and the Norm against Assassination
    Supervised by Dr Adam Quinn;
  • Ben Bessey - A Basis for Capability Theory: Humanity, Well-Being, Virtue, Objectivity
    Supervised by Professor Heather Widdows and Dr Iain Law;
  • Toby Betenson - working on the problem of evil and ethics                                Supervised by Professor Yujin Nagasawa;
  • Joe Brierly - Paediatric Organ Donation
    Supervised by Professor Angus Dawson and Dr Sheelagh McGuinness;
  • James Connell - Narratives of Violence: Identity, Trauma, and the 'Refugee Experience' - the case of young Tibetan refugees in Nepal and Northern India          
    Supervised by Dr Martin Rew and Dr Heather Marquette;
  • Rhys Crilley - Interrogating Virtual Violence: Legitimacy and Authority in the New Security Ecology of the 21st Century 
    Supervised by Dr Cerwyn Moore and Professor Nicholas Wheeler;
  • Vaughn Graham - The Ownership of Official Development Assistance in the Security and Justice Sectors in Jamaica: When Aid Policy Narratives Converge in the Field of Practice
    Supervised by Dr Danielle Beswick and Dr Heather Marquette; 
  • Christopher Harris - Doctoral Researcher in Civil Engineering and Climate Change;
  • Ghaiath Hussein - working on research by NGOs during times of conflict - with a focus on Darfur;
  • Sabrina Intelisano - working on happiness and imprisonment 
    Supervised by Dr Jussi Suikkanen;
  • Pamela Jabbar - Masculinity and Corruption in India
    Supervised by Dr Heather Marquette and Dr Emma Foster;
  • Sarah-Louise Johnson - working on commodification of bodies and persons
    Supervised by Professor Heather Widdows;
  • Andrew Jones - The Disaster Industry: British NGOs & Humanitarian Emergencies, 1942-85                                                        
    Supervised by Professor Matthew Hilton;
  • Herjeet Marway - working on female suicide bombers and agency
    upervised by Professor Heather Widdows;
  • Claire Mcloughlin - The Role of Service Delivery in (Re)building State Legitimacy and Resilience in Sri Lanka
    Supervised by Dr Heather Marquette and Professor Richard Batley;
  • Mike Millar - working on ethics of antibiotic resistance;
  • Kirsty Moreton - The feminist ethics of care and medical decision-making involving children
    Supervised by Professor Marie Fox and Dr Sheelagh McGuinness;
  • Lindsay Murch - Investigating the effect of distance from the theatre of war on the concept of heroism in the US military
    Supervised by Professor Nick Wheeler and Dr Peter Gray;
  • Jonna Nyman - (Re)conceptualising energy security in US-China relations   
    Supervised by Dr Adam Quinn and Dr Rita Floyd;
  • Alfred Ongera - working on corruption in Kenya
    Supervised by Dr Iain Law;
  • Ruth Oswald - Faith Schools and the Liberal Society - Can Faith Schools Be Justified From a Liberal Position?
    Formerly supervised by Professor Tom Sorell, from Nov 2012 supervised by Dr Iain Law and Professor Michael Hand;
  • Daniel Pinheiro Rio Tinto De Matos - Anarchy, bargaining and mistrust in intra-state conflicts
    Supervised by Professor Nicholas Wheeler;
  • Rob Shrimpton - working on self-deception and well-being
    Supervised by Dr Iain Law;
  • Lauren Traczykowski - Emergency Situations and Global Justice
    Supervised by Professor Heather Widdows;
  • Peter West-Oram - Global Health Care Injustice: The Demands of the Basic Right to Health Care
    Supervised by Professor Heather Widdows;
  • Andrew Woodhall - Redressing the Balance: The Importance of Animal Value to 'Animal Ethics' 
    Supervised by Professor Lisa Bortolotti and Professor Heather Widdows;
  • Ibrahim Yuksel - working on ancient philosophy and virtue theory and multiculturalism
    Supervised by Dr Iain Law and Professor Heather Widdows.

Birmingham is one of the UK’s largest universities and it has a particular strength in topics connected to Saving Humans. As such, the opportunities of co-supervision across a number of approaches are unique and multidisciplinary supervision teams can be built to match student’s research interests.

If you are a doctoral researcher interested in contributing to this theme, please email Sue Gilligan.


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