The Kindertransport in History and Memory


nicholas-winton-pragueProject Leads: Dr Rose Whyman and Dr Isabel Wollaston 

Date: Wednesday 4 December 2013

Venue: Nettlefold Room, Nicolson Building, 58 Edgbaston Park Road, B15 2RT.

Registering for this event: Attendance is free, but registration is essential.    



This half-day workshop aims to explore the theoretical and practical questions raised by academic study and representation(s) of the Kindertransport, via a dialogue between academics and practitioners with a survivor.

Speakers include:


14:00  Welcome and Introduction

14:15  Memories of the Kindertransport:

Mrs Lia Lesser will talk about her experiences as a child coming to Britain from Prague on one of the transports organized by Nicholas Winton

15:00  Refreshments

15:15  Current research:

Andrea Hammel - 'Controversies in recent research on the Kindertransport';

Marissia Fragkou - 'Precarious children and youth on the British stage'.

16:45  Refreshments

17:00  An educational and museological perspective:

James Griffiths will reflect on the 'The Journey' (a multimedia exhibition based on the experience of the Kindertransport, and unique in being directed at infant-school children) and the educational programmes surrounding it.

17:45  Concluding reflections

18:00  CLOSE


Thanks to David Crisp for these images from the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts' production of Diane Samuels' 'Kindertransport' (5-7 December 2013):











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