Cycling for Health and Sustainability

Wednesday 21st November 2012 (09:00-16:30)
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Workshop Leaders: Dr. François-Xavier Li

Cycling is an increasingly popular activity at the forefront of health and political debates. Cycling has many advantages justifying this renewed interest. The activity is non-weight bearing. This allows people to perform an activity at a low to high intensity with limited impact of their joints. This makes cycling ideal for rehabilitation of post-surgery patients (e.g. hip & knee replacements), elderly and obese, as well as patients suffering from motor coordination impairments (e.g. stroke patients). At the other end of the spectrum cycling is a high performance sport, one of the fastest growing sports in UK, requiring cutting edge sport science to improve performance. Cycling is also sustainable and cheap, providing an ideal mode of transport in congested urban settings. To meet the constraints of these multiples activities, engineering is essential to develop the most adapted equipment.

The workshop will bring together expertise from across UoB and UHB to discuss current knowledge related to cycling, or using cycling as a mean to a) improve health, b) promote a sustainable environment, c) improve performance.

The workshop will have contributions from UHB and relevant partners across the West Midlands and will include short research talks from interested parties and working group sessions with the objective of developing ideas for funding applications and selecting people to lead those applications.