Sex and the City (of Birmingham): Promoting the sexual health and wellbeing of adults aged 40+

Wednesday 1st May 2013 (10:00-17:00)
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Workshop Leaders: Dr George Dowswell, Dr Ruth Mellor, Professor Tracy Roberts and Dr Sheila Greenfield

The workshop will consider:

  • The design of cost-effective interventions to promote help-seeking for sexual wellbeing by adults; 
  • How should we effectively promote help-giving for sexual wellbeing by clinicians?
  • How can treatments related to sexual wellbeing be improved?

This is a very under-researched area. Most of the current literature focuses on young people, STIs and teenage pregnancy. There is some emerging evidence related to adults 40+ and long term conditions/cancer. There is great scope for high quality studies and high impact journal publications. UoB could become a world leading centre by sharing understanding, working collaboratively and acquiring external resources to address these issues.

We welcome people from all schools and disciplines with an interest in these areas – we are proposing this workshop to share ideas, experience and to build inter-disciplinary collaborations leading to funding applications.

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Register your interest:

If you are interested in coming please send the following details to Sarah Myring:

  • Who you are (research interests/publications/research funding);
  • Why you are interested in attending;
  • If you had 30 minutes in the session, what would you do with it?
  • Please also state if you can attend for: morning, afternoon, or whole day

If you have any other questions please contact Ruth Mellor.