Work, Wealth and Well-being

Monday 9th September 2013 (09:00-17:00)
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Workshop Leaders: Dr Beth Grunfeld and Dr Fiona Carmichael

There is a large research literature examining work, wealth and well-being as isolated outcomes but a dearth of research examining how these three factors interact. For example, research from the medical and health fields has demonstrated the importance of working on both physical and mental health outcomes. Research from the field of economics and the sociology of work has shown how health is a causal factor in transitions in and out of work and into different kinds of work. Work status is also the major source of income and wealth. 

The majority of literature is discipline-specific with little attempt to synthesise research and theory across diverse fields. As a consequence findings across disciplines do not tend to build on each other, which is critical to advance theoretical knowledge and to drive developments in policy and practice in this field.  The aim of this workshop is to open a cross-discipline dialogue around the policy/research literatures in this field, explore/integrate theoretical approaches, discuss potential research tools and approaches to dissemination and impact. The workshop will be structured around three themes:

  • the impact of changing demographics  on employment (ageing, migration, generational shifts, health/illness, disability); 
  • identifying, utilising and valuing different forms of human capital, standard and non-standard and;
  • life-course approaches to workplace decision-making (careers, maternity/paternity issues, caring responsibilities, retirement).                                                                                                                        

We would hope to identify at least one project from each stream that could then be further developed following the workshop.