Work, Wealth and Well-being: Optimising health, well-being and performance in diverse and ageing workforces

Conference Park, Nettlefold Room, Nicolson Building
Lectures Talks and Workshops
Thursday 11th September 2014 (10:30-15:30)
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Workshop Leaders:
Fiona Carmichael (CoSS);
Jo Duberley (CoSS);
Beth Grunfeld (LES and Coventry University);
Anna Phillips (LES);
Steven Sadhra (MDS)

The original workshop held in September 2013 opened up debate around the policy/research literatures in this field, began to explore and integrate theoretical approaches and discussed potential research tools and approaches to dissemination and impact. The workshop generated three core work streams and a cross cutting work stream:

  • (WS1) Optimising health, well-being and performance in a diverse and ageing workforce
  • (WS2) Human Capital, earnings and well-being
  • (WS3) Lifecourse analysis
  • (CCWS) Methodology & theory

The planed follow-on workshop will develop Work Stream 1 to incorporate diversity in the workplace as well as exploring work wealth and wellbeing issues around demographic ageing and health status. The life course perspective of Work Steam 2 will also be embedded. These extensions and combinations will allow us to capture a wider set of research interests and policy issues under the umbrella of the Work, Wealth and Well-being overarching theme.

The ‘Optimising health, well-being and performance in diverse and ageing workforces’ workshop will focus on three main sub-themes: (1) Cost-effective tools, strategies and interventions to optimise health, well-being and performance particularly for older workers and those with health conditions; (2) Work and well-being synergies and tensions in diverse organisations and workforces and; (3) Risk and resilience factors over life courses - within and across cohorts.  The themes will be cross cutting across disciplines and methodologies building on the initiatives developed through the cross cutting Methodology and Theory work stream.

To register to attend this workshop please email Sarah Jeffery.