Muslim Societies and Islam

Edgbaston Room Lucas House
Thursday 23 November 2017 (09:30-15:00)

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Dr Katherine E. Brown and Professor Jorgen Nielsen

Muslims are among the world’s youngest, poorest, most populous and diverse populations; they live in some of the most fragile states and scarce environments. Islam, in its many forms, provides histories, narratives and frameworks that shape the actions, identities and worldviews of billions of people. However, many of the world’s policy solutions impacting upon Muslims are made in a technocratic vacuum or are overly determined by a fear of terrorism and insecurity. It is clear that deep cultural learning and listening of these societies are required to find meaningful and sustainable solutions to many global challenges. For example, the solution to Ebola was in finding safe and dignified burial practices, the eradication in upper Egyptian villages of FGM was only possible through the collaboration with religious authorities, and the trauma and rebuilding efforts in Lebanon and Pakistan following conflicts can only be addressed with historical and local knowledge of Muslim family arrangements, heritage preservation concerns, and identity tied to place. The workshop will provide a clear platform demonstrating the collective insights and influence of those who study Islam and Muslim societies, and also the intellectual space to generate a strategy for enhanced combined visibility, public engagement and connections across disciplines.


University of Birmingham Participants

Dr Anissa Daoudi, Modern Languages

Dr Chris Allen, Social Policy

Dr Hakeem O. Yusuf, Law

Dr Marianne Wade, Law

Dr Hannah Boast, English

Prof. Scott Lucas, American /Canadian Studies

Prof. David Dunn, PolSIS

Dr Gerasimos Tsourapas, PolSIS

Dr Insa Nolte, African Studies

Dr Joanna Skelt, African Studies

Dr Sophia Vasalou, Theology and Religion

Dr Richard Todd, Theology and Religion

Dr Haifaa Jawad, Theology and Religion

Dr Sara Fregonese, Geography

Dr Arezou Azad, History

Dr Simon Jackson, History

Dr Yafa Shanneik, Theology and Religion

Dr Oliver Scharbrodt, Theology and Religion


External Participants:

Dr Peter Morey, English

Dr Rebecca Gould, Modern Languages

Dr Christopher Markiewicz, History