Interdisciplinary Reflections on Adversities, Trauma and Resilience

Kingfisher Room, Peter Scott House
Thursday 21 June 2018 (09:00-17:00)

If you are interested in participating in this workshop please email Lauren Rawlins


WORKSHOP LEADER – Dr Janine Natalya Clark, Birmingham Law School 

This workshop aims to foster an inter-disciplinary discussion on the concept of resilience and its meaning in different contexts. ‘Periods of transition’ has been broadly defined to cover, inter alia, societies who are in transition conflict to peace; communities who are in transition after natural disasters and individuals who are in transition after having experienced trauma. The rationale for the workshop is two-fold. There are a significant number of colleagues with relevant expertise at UoB who are working on topics directly or indirectly connected with resilience. The workshop will offer a valuable opportunity to bring together a diversity of academics and researchers from across UoB with overlapping and complementary research interests to meet, exchange ideas between academics and practitioners to develop future research collaborations. 

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