About the Institute of European Law

European Law has been at the heart of our research culture at Birmingham for 40 years, and the Institute of European Law was established in 1989 to provide an interdisciplinary focus for this.

Photo of the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg

We promote awareness and understanding of the subject through conferences, seminars, lectures and publications. We present our research at international and domestic conferences; it is published on a worldwide scale; and has led to the provision of advice and guidance for a vast range of policy-makers. We have facilitated the work of our members across an array of topics, including:

  • the free movement of professionals
  • social policy
  • public procurement
  • state aid
  • the role and functioning of the European Court of Justice and the French Constitution
  • the regulation of support to the green economy in the EU and the WTO.

This work reflects a variety of perspectives, from the doctrinal and the theoretical, to the contextual and the interdisciplinary.

Members of the Institute also contribute to the policy-making process in both the UK and Europe through their involvement with Parliamentary select committees and other committees of enquiry. Recent examples include:

We have also extended the reach of the Institute work to one of the most notable external aspects of the EU, international trade:

Director: Professor Martin Trybus


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