The Reform Treaty of Lisbon and Beyond

IEL Annual Lecture 2008

On 28 February 2008 the Institute of European Law at Birmingham Law School was pleased to welcome Professor Piet Eeckhout for the 2008 Institute of European Law Annual Lecture.

Photo of Professor Piet Eeckhout and Professor Martin Trybus

Unsurprisingly, his lecture dealt with the most recent developments in European law and policy: “The future of European integration: the Reform Treaty of Lisbon and beyond”.

The Treaty of Lisbon 'reforms' the EU, and abandons, at least nominally, the project to establish a European Constitution. The lecture investigated what that means for the EU and for EU law. Should we no longer look at the Treaties as the constitutional charter of a Union based on the rule of law? Should we discard the constitutional vernacular? What would be the consequences of doing so? Does the substance of the Reform Treaty enhance the rule of law? What areas of EU activity require closer scrutiny from a constitutional and rule-of-law perspective?

Piet Eeckhout is the Director of the Centre for European Law and Professor of European Law at King’s College London and the College of Europe, Bruges. His research interests encompass EU law and international economic law. He holds various degrees from the University of Ghent, Belgium and was formerly Assistant and Research Fellow (1986-1993) and Professor of Law (1993-1998) at the Faculty of Law of that university. From 1994 to 1998 he served as legal secretary in the Chambers of Advocate General Francis Jacobs at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

The Institute of European Law Annual Lecture 2008 continued the tradition of  annual lectures which has brought such distinguished visitors as Sir David Edward and Sir Konrad Schiermann, Gisela Stuart, Hon Mr Justice Elias, Judge Nicholas Forwood, and Sir Christopher Bellamy to the Institute in Birmingham