Dr Aleksandra Cavoski analyses attitudes to the European Union in Serbia

In a recent paper Birmingham Law School's Dr Aleksandra Cavoski analyses attitudes towards the EU in Serbia. 

In Serbia over the last two years there has been a steady decline in support for EU membership. Dr Cavoski points out the ambivalence in Serbia regarding EU membership and explores the inconclusive role that the EU plays in Serbian political debate. This is reflected in a continuous and striking fluctuation in popular support for EU accession, including debates about possible alternatives to EU membership. The lengthy accession process and the public’s lack of knowledge about the EU contribute to this increasingly negative perception, as do unresolved political issues and political opportunism.

This paper is a part of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung dossier ‘Europe – the Final Countdown or Resurrection Time?’ which provides an insight into the feelings and ideas which are held towards Europe in a wide selection of EU Member States and candidate countries. This dossier was prepared with the assistance of the European Commission.

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