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11th Progress in Fuel Cell Systems - Bruges

This page covers an annual workshop which takes place at the Novotel in Bruges. This year will be the 11th Progress in Fuel Cell Systems workshop and brings together industry, research and academia active in the field of fuel cell system technology.

A Collaborative Environment for Assisted 3D Reconstruction of Cuneiform Tablets

The aim of this project has been to improve the worldwide collaborative workflow that allows cuneiform experts and enthusiasts to work on the reconstruction of 3D cuneiform tablets via an interactive 3D interface.The project involves the cataloguing of 3D cuneiform tablets in a structure that allows efficient network transmissions and algorithms for automatic/assisted reconstructions. The project contributes toward the recovery of more than three millennia of written history in one of the most important regions of the ancient world. The results can also be extended to a range of different fields that require collaborative effort.

A. J. Morris Group - Metallurgy and Materials

Led by Senior Birmingham Fellow Dr Andrew Morris, the A. J. Morris Group at the University of Birmingham uses and develops quantum mechanical techniques for predicting the structure and properties of new materials using a computer.

Academic Clinical Cardiovascular Medicine at City Hospital

Information on Academic Clinical Cardiovascular Medicine at City Hospital, led by Professor Gregory Lip, at the University of Birmingham.

Academic Clinical Fellows

Page on Academic Clinical Fellows at the University of Birmingham.

Academic Unit of Ophthalmology

Academic Unit of Ophthalmology research page, lead by Saeeha Rauz, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing

Accessing Social Care – Learning Disabilities (ASC-LD)

The Accessing Social Care – Learning Disabilities team (University of Birmingham) are running a research study, to ask adults with learning disabilities from Black and minority ethnic communities about their views of social care services. The study has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research's School of Social Care Research. The team will be looking for people to take part in our project until Spring 2013.
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