Meeting and course schedule

Host Description Date
UA (Antwerp) Supervisory Board (SB) & Network Meetings Sept 11
UA (Antwerp) ATC2 Monitoring FR exposure Sept 11
VU (Amsterdam) ATC1 Monitoring FRs in the environment Sept 11
UB (Birmingham) ATC3 Effects of Exposure to FRs Nov 11
UB (Birmingham) Orientation event Nov 11
IVL (Stockholm) SB Meeting April 12
IVL (Stockholm) ATC4 Mathematical modelling April 12
IVL (Stockholm) ATC5 Role of Science outside academia June 12
UoR (Reading) Mid-term review meeting Oct 12
NIPH (Oslo) SB Meeting April 13
IVL (Stockholm) SB meeting June 13
IVL (Stockholm) Network conference June 13
VU (Amsterdam) SB meeting Jan 14
VITO (Mols) SB meeting Sept 14

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