Our training programme 

The aim of INFLAME’s Training Programme is to increase the knowledge base and experience of a cohort of trainees (12 early stage researchers – ESRs - and 2 experienced researchers - ERs) in the different research areas and to develop their transferable skills for future careers in the private sector, public sector, or the regulatory community.

Researcher analysing a sampleTo date, while the environmental impacts of FRs are the subject of intense global interest, the majority of research is conducted by research groups isolated within their own narrow disciplines. This approach whereby groups pursue their own research in e.g. analytical chemistry, exposure assessment, and toxicology etc. in isolation is a major obstacle to developing sustainable approaches to achieving flame retardancy given the supradisciplinary nature of the issues that require to be addressed. Furthermore, exchange of knowledge between policy-makers and the research base in academia, government institutes, and the private sector is restricted by their differing perspectives and drivers.

INFLAME’s training vision is thus to develop a cohort of young scientists with the necessary depth and breadth of experience combined with the research and transferable skills required to communicate and work effectively across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries. Moreover, we envisage that INFLAME will lead to collaborations beyond the network’s lifetime that will facilitate the further development and optimisation of programmes for training future cohorts of researchers capable of supradisciplinary work.

In particular, we will harness complementary public and private sector expertise in research, training, e-learning technology, market identification and exploitation to develop a lasting legacy of research training materials. Within INFLAME, six training objectives will be delivered through a suite of 6 Core Skills Areas (Research Project, Advanced Training Courses , Project Meetings, Career Development Plan, Generic Research Skills, Transferable Research Skills).


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