Advanced training courses 

A key component of INFLAME’s training programme are the five advanced training courses. Scheduled in the first half of INFLAME and attended by all ESRs and ERs, the courses are intended to provide the theory and application of research techniques relevant to meeting INFLAME’s research objectives, and an insight into techniques of communication with the public, policy-makers, the media, alongside exposure to the perspectives of regulators and researchers from both private and public sectors.

Courses offered

All advanced training courses will be open (depending on availability of places) to external early stage researchers and other professionals to maximise the benefits provided by these courses within the research community. If you are a researcher external to the INFLAME project and may be interested in attending one or more of the advanced training courses, please contact the network co-ordinator Dr Stuart Harrad to find out more.

ATC1: Techniques for Monitoring FRs in the Environment

Will provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles (e.g. isotope dilution) and techniques required for sampling and analysis of FRs in the environment. 

ATC2: Techniques for Monitoring Exposure to FRs

Will provide tuition in the approaches available to monitor human exposure to FRs. Ethical considerations of human biomonitoring will be addressed.

ATC3: Techniques for Evaluating Effects of Human Exposure to FRs

Will provide an overview of the approaches available to study the effects of human exposure, and how combined information on exposure and effects is incorporated into assessment of risk. 

ATC4: Mathematical Modelling Approaches to Understanding Environmental Fate and Behaviour of FRs

Will focus on the theory, application, and benefits of mathematical models in understanding environmental fate and behaviour of FRs. 

ATC5: The Role of Science outside Academia: Communication with other Stakeholders

Will provide participants with training in communicating their science to the public, regulators, industry and the media. This will involve a combination of practical and theoretical media training and exposure to the perspectives of other stakeholders (regulators, FR industry, and environmental NGOs) in the FR field.
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Course dates

ATCs 1 and 2: week commencing 12 September 2011 in Amsterdam and Antwerp

Provisional dates for the other advanced training courses are:

ATC3: late 2011 in Birmingham
ATC4: spring 2012 in Stockholm
ATC5: early summer 2012 in Stockholm


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