Schizophrenia and Psychosis Research Group

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Group leader: Dr Rachel Upthegrove


This group collaborates on studies investigating the early course, outcomes and risk in schizophrenia and affective psychosis.

Our research group

The Schizophrenia and Psychosis group is a collaboration of Psychiatry, Psychology, Primary care and Neuroscience. This growing network is collaborating on biological, neuroimaging, social and phenomenological investigation of early psychosis and outcomes. 

Current Projects 

  • BeneMin: MIHR EME funded The Benefit of Minocycline on Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Extent and Mechanisms
  • HuSH: How we Understand Hallucinations: BSMHFT and Sainsburys' funded mixed methods study of auditory hallucinations
  • BioPop: Biological correlates of dimensions of psychosis: Pilot study of biomarkers for psychosis symptoms dimensions
  • Triple network connectivity in Schizophrenia

Research Publications

  • Upthegrove, R. (2015). Bullying,victimisation, and psychosis. The Lancet Psychiatry10.1016/S2215-0366(15)00176-5
  • Upthegrove R, Chard C, Jones, L, Gordon–Smith K, Forty L, Jones I and Craddock N. (2015) Adverse Childhood Events and Psychosis in Bipolar Affective Disorder.  British Journal of Psychiatry 206 (3) 191-197
  • Upthegrove, R., Ross, K., Brunet, K.,McCollum, R., & Jones, L. Depression in first episode psychosis: The role of subordination and shame. 2014 Psychiatry Research, 217(3), 177-184
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  • Upthegrove R and Barnes NM. The ImmuneSystem in Schizophrenia: an update for Clinicians. 2014 Advances in Psychiatric Treatment. 20(2), 83-91.
  • PalaniyappanL, Doege K, Mallikarjun P, Liddle E, Liddle PF. Cortical thickness and oscillatory phase resetting: A proposed mechanism of salience network dysfunction in schizophrenia. Psychiatrike. 2012;23(2):117-29. 
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  • Palaniyappan L, Mallikarjun P, Joseph V, White TP, Liddle PF. Folding of the prefrontal cortex in schizophrenia: regional differences in gyrification. Biol Psychiatry.2011;69(10):974-9.
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  • Palaniyappan L, Mallikarjun P, Joseph V, White TP, Liddle PF. Reality distortion is related to the structure of the salience network in schizophrenia. Psychol Med.2011;41(8):1701-8. 
  • Doug K, Jansen M, Mallikarjun P, Liddle EB, Liddle PF. How much does phase resetting contribute to event-related EEG abnormalities in schizophrenia? Neurosci Lett.2010 30;481(1):1-5. 


Principal Investigators
Dr Rachel Upthegrove
Dr Pavan Mallikarjun
Professor Nick Barnes
Professor Stephen Wood
Dr Renate Reniers

PhD Students
Carl Krynicki
Markella Grigoriou


Honorary Staff
Professor Femi Oyebode - University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, UK