The AMPLab hosts a number of industrial scale facilities, including:

Selective Laser Melting/Laser Powder Bed

Process Overview

Selective laser sintering or laser powder bed is an additive manufacturing technique for building components layer-by-layer.  Thin layers of powders are selectively melted by a focuser laser beam and fused sequentially to build a 3D component from a CAD model.



CONCEPT M2 Cusing System:


  • Argon atmosphere for the processing of reactive powder systems
  • Net shape manufacture of fully dense components
  • Build envelope 250 x 250 x 280mm
  • Layer thickness 20 - 50µm
  • Production speed 2 – 20cm3/hr (depending on material)
  • Fiber laser system (400W, cw)
  • Maximum scanning speed 7m/s
  • Focus diameter 70 - 200µm

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Process Overview

During hot isostatic pressing powder is consolidated into desired geometries through the application of temperature and isostatic pressure.


Encapsulated HIP – allows pressure-aided densification over the complete range from green compact density to theoretical density.


Post HIP – densification of pre-sintered compacts (90-93% TD).

Sinter HIP – continuous process combining pressureless sintering followed by a HIP cycle without intermediate cooling of the compact.

  • Maximum pressure: 200MPa
  • Maximum temperature: 1450°C
  • Vessel size: Ø120mm x 300mm

Direct Laser Fabrication (DLF)

Process Overview

Direct laser fabrication is an additive manufacturing technique for building components layer-by-layer by direct deposition of powders in a melt pool.  Powders are injected into a focused laser beam to create a melt pool; the powder is rapidly melted and solidified as the laser scans over each layer building 3D components 


Key Features

  • Near net-shape components can be easily fabricated
  • Compositionally graded materials can be fabricated
  • Wear resistance and corrosion properties of components can be improved by cladding
  • Damaged components can be easily repaired (e.g. airfoils blades etc)

    CAD model


    DLF Cladding of a pipe


    DLF Build