Ceramics Forming Group

ceramicsOriginating in the School of Chemical Engineering the group worked on the development of models for the prediction of pressure drops in the flow of pastes. The group now led by Professor S Blackburn remains interested in flow but widened the programmes to include more component and formulation orientated projects.

Research Highlights

The focus of the research has changed, with more emphasis being placed on the development of structured and functional materials and products. The chemical engineering activities in the IRC have matured over the period 1996-2004. Eight EPSRC grants have been secured since 1999 worth around £1.5M. There is additionally industrial funding worth around £750k.


The most successful technology transfer has been with Rolls-Royce plc where new formulations for ultra low viscosity as well as high temperature core materials have been developed and technology transferred to the commercialise the process. Additionally new shell systems have been developed and implemented. More than 35 publications have been produced in the last 4 years.

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