Ceramics Forming Group 

Current Research

  • Novel Forming Processes [Mr S Welch] Rolls-Royce.
  • Shell Development [Dr S Jones]
  • Green Catalyst Preparation [Dr G Leeke] EPSRC. This large programme looks at waste control in catalyst manufacture by using supercriChemistrytical processing. It is a multi-centre project between ourselves Cardiff Chemistry, Leverhulme Catalyst Research Centre and Delft University. ESPRC details.

Completed Projects

  • PowdermatriX Faraday, Developing a Paste Flow Criterion [Mr J Wedderburn] 2004-2007
    This is a joint project with Cambridge University looking at phase migration in paste flow. As part of the PowdermatriX Faraday Partnership the industrial partners are Nestle, P&G, MIM, Egide, Rolls Royce, Cookson, Mast Carbon and Tennmat. ESPRC deta
  • Novel Core Design for Investment Casting [Dr C Yuan] EPSRC Speculative Engineering 2005-2007
    This project will look at a proposed novel refractory system which overcomes high temperature sintering issues with conventional systems and should allow improved chemical leaching after casting by a reaction process induced during casting. ESPRC details.
  • ROPA:- Rapid Shell Build [Dr S Jones] EPSRC 2002-2004
    A new process giving a shelling process intensification of up to 200 times and an overall intensification of typically 2/3 of the standard investment casting process times has been developed through this project. ESPRC details.
  • IMI:- Advanced Trickle Bed Technology for Fine Chemicals and Petroleum Industries [Mr J Wedderburn, Miss K Lewis, Mr H Mills] EPSRC 1999-2004.
    This programme was a collaboration with Cambridge, Cardiff and Glasgow Universities and Industry (Johnson Matthey, BP, Grace Davison and Robinson Brothers]. Both continuous and batch processing were studied and a novel continuous process was developed giving a process intensification of x150. ESPRC details.
  • Three industrial projects have been recently completed in the areas of casting refractories and process monitoring.