Ceramics Forming Group Students 


Clay Processing
Student A Dosanjh
(Scholl, Imerys) 2008-2009 MRes

Shell Development
Student L Tarrant
(EPSRC, Rolls-Royce) 2007-2011, EngD

Wax Development
Student D Shobango
(EPSRC, Rolls-Royce) 2005-2009, EngD

Core Development
Student P Wilson
(EPSRC, Ross Ceramics) 2006-2010, EngD

Catalyst Preparation
Student G Winstone
(EPSRC, Johnson Matthey) 2006-2010, EngD

Clay Processing
Student R Thomas
(EPSRC, Imerys) 2005-2009, EngD
(part supervision, Dr NA Rowson principal)

Novel Refractory Development
Student: S Welch
(EPSRC/ Rolls Royce) 2004-2008, EngD

MMCs by Pressure- Pressure-less infiltration.
Student: B Huchler
(self Aalen University) 2003-2006/7, PhD
This project is being run at Aalen University with some analytical work being done here in Birmingham. Porous ceramic bodies (typically 60% by volume) are being impregnated with aluminium alloys. The project aims to develop understanding of the infiltration process and to develop defect control.

Rapid Shell Build
Student: M Thomas
(EPSRC/School) 2004-2007/8, PhD
Rapid shell build has been developed as a result of a ROPA award. Whilst the process principles are now defined, detailed understanding of the process needs to be established. This studentship is undertaking some aspects of the work.

Multi-layer extrusion for Fuel Cells
Student: J Powell
(EPSRC/School) 2004-2007/8, PhD
Co-extrusion offers potential for novel approaches to fuel cell manufacture. This project explores this concept with the aim of developing predictive design capability for fine scale continuous extrusion dies for use with ceramic pastes.