Functional Materials Group


  • 1... Limited
    Functional Materials Group are currently collaborating with 1... Limited on a new type of digital loudspeaker, which has achieved Millenium product status (even though it's fairly far off production!). Our input to this work involves research and development of a novel piezoelectric device structure, the base technology for which is outlined in our recent papers. For more information, contact 1... Limited or Dr David Pearce.
  • Illinois Superconductor Corporation (ISC)
    In 1995 some of the thick technology developed by the FMG was acquired by Illinois Superconductor Corporation (ISC), USA, with whom the group had been working for many years. ISC are particularly interested in exploiting the rf and microwave properties of the thick film materials for wireless communication applications. During the technology transfer period, over 400 resonator elements were made by FMG and incorporated by ISC into a number of prototype cellular base station filters. Following successful field trials with several cellular operators within the USA, ISC have now developed a range of products using the thick film technology which are being sold into the communications industry. ISC are also supporting a significant research activity within the IRC with the aim of improving the performance of the thick film materials (Rs, Jc, magnetic field and rf power dependence etc), and developing improved processing technologies.
  • TeamEURUS
  • Rolls Royce Applied Science Laboratory
  • Alstom Research and Technology Centre