Christina Kreinecker awarded Erwin Wenzl Prize

Christina Kreinecker

Congratulations to Christina Kreinecker, a research fellow on the COMPAUL project at ITSEE, who has been awarded the Erwin Wenzl Preis 2011, "for extraordinary achievements for students from Upper Austria".

The prize was established in 1996 in memory of Erwin Wenzl, a former governor of Upper Austria. Dr Dr Kreinecker was awarded it in recognition of her doctoral thesis in papyrology and Classics at the University of Salzburg, entitled "Roma locuta – aber in welcher Sprache? Papyrologische Untersuchungen zur lateinisch-griechischen Sprachsituation im Imperium Romanum (mit Thessaloniki und dem 2. Thessalonikerbrief als typisches Beispiel)." Dr Dr Kreinecker's research has now been published as a monograph in the Papyrological Commentaries on the New Testament series.

The award was presented in Linz, capital of Upper Austria, by the current Upper Austrian governor, Dr. Josef Pühringer. 
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