New PhD on Family 13 in John

Rev Jac Perrin

Congratulations to Rev. Jac Perrin on the acceptance of his doctoral thesis on Family 13 in St John's Gospel.

The thesis, supervised by Prof. D.C. Parker, reviews the membership of this family of Greek New Testament manuscripts and includes complete electronic transcriptions of all its members. Jac has been working on it for a number of years both on regular visits to Birmingham and at his home in Minneapolis with enthusiasm and commitment. The abstract is as follows:

To date, the single criterion of Family 13 constituency has been the relocation of the Pericope Adulterae from its traditional location in John 7:53.  This dissertation demonstrates why this criterion is inadequate and proposes new criteria. After an overview of the history of research, potential Family 13 witnesses are classified by means of a methodology originated by Dr. David Parker’s use of Text und Textwert. This process identifies 8 witnesses inappropriately nominated as Family 13 members, thus establishing GA 13, 69, 124, 346, 543, 788, 826, 828, 983, and 1689 as valid members. Each of these 10 witnesses is then described palaeographically as a discrete artefact. 

Phylogrammatic software, originally designed for DNA analysis, is then adapted to exhaustively study these Johannine Greek texts.  The by-product of this novel process complements and validates the earlier Text und Textwert process. Also available as a result of this study are original witness transcriptions (available at, a Critical Apparatus of Family 13 in St. John’s Gospel, an exhaustive description of the contents of 18 potential witnesses, and a description of the computer analysis process used in the study.