Theodora Panella to present paper in Thessaloniki

ITSEE PhD student, Theodora Panella, has had her proposal to present a paper accepted for the European Association of Biblical Studies's 6th Graduate Symposium to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece,  from 11-13 April 2014.

Her paper, "Paul unchained": the case of the Pauline catena manuscripts,  will introduce her research into Pauline catenae and discuss her methodology for Theodora Panellaexploring these sometimes overlooked early textual and exegetical sources.

Theodora joined us in ITSEE in October 2013 to work on her PhD thesis as part of the ERC-funded COMPAUL project which is, led by Dr H A G Houghton, investigating the earliest surviving commentaries on the Pauline Epistles.