New book on biblical quotations

Volume 54, Studia Patristica

Volume 54 of Studia Patristica, edited by Markus Vinzent, has been published today. Entitled Biblical Quotations in Patristic Texts it is edited by Laurence Mellerin of Sources Chrétiennes and Hugh Houghton of ITSEE.


The volume comprises eight papers on the theme of biblical quotations in early Christian writers delivered at the Sixteenth International Conference in Patristic Studies in Oxford in 2011, the seminar series of the Institut des Sources Chrétiennes and the Seventh Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament (pictures), also held in 2011. It brings together work from Biblindex, the International Greek New Testament project, work on the Vetus Latina in Birmingham and other scholarly research in this field.  

The book can be purchased from the Peeters website. The table of contents is as follows:


Laurence Mellerin and Hugh A.G. Houghton  – Introduction

Laurence Mellerin  – Methodological issues in Biblindex, An Online Index of Biblical Quotations in Early Christian Literature

Guillaume Bady  – Quelle était la Bible des Pères, ou quel texte de la Septante choisir dans Biblindex?

Guillaume Bady  – 3 Esdras chez les Pères de l’Église: L’ambiguïté des données et: les conditions d’intégration d’un “apocryphe” dans Biblindex

Jérémy Delmulle  – Augustin dans Biblindex. Un premier test: le traitement du De Magistro

Hugh A.G. Houghton Patristic Evidence in the New Edition of the Vetus Latina Iohannes

Amy M. Donaldson Explicit References to New Testament Textual Variants by the Church Fathers: Their Value and Limitations

Ulrich Bernhard Schmid  Marcion and the Textual History of Romans: Editorial Activity and Early Edition of the New Testament

Jeffrey Kloha  – The New Testament Text of Nicetas of Remesiana, with Reference to Luke 1:46