Hugh Houghton delivers plenary lecture in Oxford

Dr Hugh Houghton delivered a plenary lecture at the XVII International Conference on Patristic Studies in Oxford on 12 August 2015.

The lecture on "The Changing Shape of New Testament Commentaries” explored, with the aid of lavish illustrations of the manuscripts themselves, the changing and developing layout of the works of the key early Latin commentators on the New Testament. It examined to what extent the original formats of these commentary works can be identified from manuscript and internal evidence and how this might effect our approach to these texts. A publication version of the paper will appear in Studia Patristica in due course.

The paper stems from the work of the ERC-funded COMPAUL project on which Dr Houghton is Principal Investigator. This project is investigating the earliest commentaries on the Pauline epistles as sources for the biblical text and is about to enter its final year.

The International Conference on Patristic Studies brings together from all over the world c.1000 scholars interested in many aspects of Early Christianity and the Late Antique world. It is held at the University of Oxford every four years.

Hugh Houghton delivers a plenary lecture at the International Patristics Confernce 2015 in Oxford