ITSEE staff

ITSEE team members 2014

 Current researchers

 • Jane Allen - Translations of Hebrews 8:13

 • Dr Philip Burton (Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology) - Vetus Latina Iohannes

 • Chiara Coppola - Photius and the Pauline Epistles

 • Andrew Edmondson - An Analysis of the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method using Phylogenetics

 • Grant Edwards - The Text and Transmission of 2 Thessalonians

 • Dr Alba Fedeli - Qur'anic manuscripts, Codex Zacynthius Project

 • Benjamin D. Haupt - Tertullian's Quotations of the New Testament outside the Gospels

 • Dr Hugh Houghton - Director of the Institute. The Text of the Pauline Epistles, Vetus Latina Iohannes, Codex Zacynthius Project, CATENA Project

 • Dr Will Lamb - Codex Zacynthius Project

 • Timothy Mitchell - Family Π in the Gospel according to Mark

 • Dr Amy Myshrall - The Greek Paul project, Codex Zacynthius Project, CATENA Project

 • Professor David Parker - Co-founder and former Director of the Institute. The Greek Editio Critica Maior of John, Multimedia Yasna Project, Codex Zacynthius Project

 • Anna Persig - The Revision of the Vulgate New Testament outside the Gospels

 • Dr Catherine Smith - Research Fellow and Technical Officer, Software for the Editio Critica Maior, Multimedia Yasna Project, Codex Zacynthius Project, CATENA Project.

 • Dr Aengus Ward (Department of Modern Languages) - The Estoria d'Espanna project.

 • Dr Gillian Wright (Department of English Literature) - Editing Aphra Behn in the Digital Age.

Honorary Fellows

 • Dr Barbara Bordalejo - Former Deputy Director of the Institute

 • Dr Simon Crisp - The Euthalian Apparatus in New Testament manuscripts

 • Dr Valerie Edden - Carmelite Latin manuscripts

 • Dr Dr Christina Kreinecker - The New Testament in Greek, Latin and Coptic

 • Dr Bruce Morrill - The Greek Editio Critica Maior of John 

 • Dr Oliver Norris - The textual tradition of the Milan Psalter

 • Dr Simone Rickerby - The Vetus Latina tradition of the Minor Prophets

 • Dr Peter Robinson - Co-founder and former Director of the Institute

 • Professor Ulrich Schmid - The Greek Editio Critica Maior of John

Recent graduates

• Dr Alan Bale - Genre and Narrative Cohesion in the Acts of the Apostles

• Dr Michael Clark - The Catena on John by Nicetas of Heraclea

• Dr Edgar Ebojo - Scribal Habits in Chester Beatty Papyrus II (P46)

• Alan Taylor Farnes - Scribal Habits of Fourth-Century Greek New Testament Copyists

• Dr Alba Fedeli - An Electronic Edition of Qur'anic manuscripts in the Mingana Collection

• Dr Sam Gibson - The Liturgical and Textual Tradition of Acts and Paul in the Byzantine Apostolos Lectionary

• Troy Griffitts - Software for Community Editing of the New Testament

• Dr Hikmat Kashouh - The Arabic Versions of the Gospels

• Dr Christopher Jordan - Greek New Testament Lectionaries

• Dr Bruce Morrill - A Collation and Analysis of all Greek Manuscripts of John 18

• Dora Panella - Catena Manuscripts of the Pauline Epistles

• Dr Jac Perrin - Family 13 in St John's Gospel

• Dr Matthew Steinfeld - The Text of Romans, Second Corinthians, and Galatians in the Writings of Origen of Alexandria

• Dr Alison Welsby - A Textual Study of Family 1 in John