Cancer and Genomic Sciences

Cancer will soon represent the leading international cause of mortality and our fundamental research is focussed around understanding the genetic basis of malignant disease and how the immune system can control cancer growth.

Through Birmingham’s Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) – one of Europe’s largest clinical trials unit- we use this information to design and assess new cancer treatments. In so doing, we will play a significant role in accelerating the control of cancer. Our Centre for Clinical Haemato-oncology (CCH) is accelerating the delivery of new treatments to patients through its innovative trials acceleration programme. Strengths in genomic science provide a strong underpinning for the West Midlands Genomic Medicine Centre which is a leading part of the national 100k genomes project.

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Phenome Centre Birmingham logoDeveloped by our international metabolomics and clinical experts in collaboration with Birmingham Health Partners (BHP), the £8M Phenome Centre facilitates the application of metabolomics to study human diseases and ageing in large scale studies. It is linked to our new MRC funded deep immunophenotyping facility providing a powerful platform to develop novel approaches to stratified medicine. A significant investment in clinical informatics and bioinformatics by BHP is allowing us to link these substantial biological datasets to clinical phenotypes thereby accelerating translation into clinical practice and providing benefits to both the UK and global population.