Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar

The Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar usually takes place on Wednesdays at 13.30 during term time in Watson Building.

Autumn 2019

Quivers and supersymmetric QFTs

  • Cyril Closset, University of Oxford
  • Tuesday 15 October 2019, 14:30
  • NUFF-G07

Time and room changed

Quivers appears in string theory as a convenient way of summarising the spectrum of open-string BPS states at “orbifold” points. Similarly, in QFT , quiver methods are useful either to characterize the field theory itself, or to characterize its spectrum of BPS states. After a general introduction, I will focus on quivers that appear in the context of five-dimensional supersymmetric field theories, including new results about the Coulomb branch of 5d SCF Ts.

Asymptotics and Resurgence in String and Gauge Theories

  • Inês Aniceto, University of Southampton
  • Tuesday 08 October 2019, 17:00
  • Watson Building (Mathematics, R15 on map) Lecture Room A

The perturbative expansions of many physical quantities are divergent, and defined only as asymptotic series. It is well known that this divergence reflects the existence of nonperturbative, exponentially damped contributions, such as instanton effects, which are not captured by a perturbative analysis. This connection between perturbative and non-perturbative contributions of a given physical observable can be systematically studied using the theory of resurgence, allowing us to construct a full non-perturbative solution from perturbative asymptotic data. In this talk I will start by reviewing the essential role of resurgence theory in the description of the analytic solution behind an asymptotic series, and its relation to the so-called Stokes phenomena, phase transitions and ambiguity cancelations. I will then exemplify with some recent applications of resurgence in the context of string and gauge theories.

There is a complete list of the talks in the Geometry and Mathematical Physics seminar on talks@bham.