Grants, funding and prizes

Current Funding

Sept 2022 - Aug 2025: Local Mirror Symmetry and Five-dimensional Field Theory. PI: Cyril Closset (EPSRC New Investigator Award)

Feb 2022 - Jan 2026: Extended Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence, Quantum Curves, and Mirror Symmetry. PI: Prof. Marta Mazzocco (Leverhulme Research Project Grant)

Sept 2022 - Aug 2024: AbQuantumSpec - Abelianisation of Connection, Quantum Curves, and Spectral Clusters. PI: Prof. Marta Mazzocco. Research Fellow: Nikita Nikolaev (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship)

Sept 2020 - Aug 2024: Open Mirror Geometry for Landau-Ginzburg Models. PI: Dr Tyler Kelly (UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship)

Sep 2018 - Dec 2022: Supersymmetric gauge theories across dimensions. PI: Dr Cyril Closset (Royal Society University Research Fellowship)

Sept 2019 - Aug 2022: Mirror Constructions: Develop, Unify, Apply. PI: Dr Tyler Kelly (EPSRC New Investigator Award)

March 2020 - May 2022: Leverhulme Visiting Professorship. PI: Prof. Marta Mazzocco, Visiting Professor: Prof Nalini Joshi (University of Sydney), six months

Past funding

Oct 2021 - Dec 2021: Cecil King Travel Scholarship. PI: Ilia Gaiur

Feb 2018 - Oct 2021: Cluster algebras, Teichmüller theory and Macdonald polynomials. PI: Prof. Marta Mazzocco (EPSRC Responsive mode)

Oct 2018 - Aug 2019: Mirror symmetry, quantum curves and integrable systems. PI: Dr Andrea Brini (EPSRC Early Career Fellowship)

Sept 2018 - Aug 2019: Bridging Frameworks via Mirror Symmetry. PI: Dr Tyler Kelly, (EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship)