School of Mathematics research

The School of Mathematics is internationally renowned for its research in many areas of mathematics.


Interdisciplinary Research

In the School of Mathematics, we conduct internationally leading interdisciplinary research, where we truly believe that interlacing work with other disciplines can lead to greater advancements for all involved. Researchers across applied, pure and statistics areas are tackling problems that cross traditional academic boundaries, including projects with Biosciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Liberal Arts, the Medical Sciences, NHS Foundations and industry. Furthermore, we are keen to provide our students with the opportunity to engage with innovative interdisciplinary research through, for example, Masters dissertations. If you would like to discuss ideas for an interdisciplinary project involving the School of Mathematics, then please get in contact with our Director of Interdisciplinary Research (Dr Sara Jabbari).

Seminars and events

Our mathematics colloquium is held twice a term, and there are weekly seminars for each research group. 

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