Joint Research Institute for Health and BioMedical Informatics


The University of Birmingham and West China Hospital have established the WCH-Birmingham Joint Research Institute for Health and BioMedical Informatics, to be a centre of excellence which facilitates academic, research and training collaborations in fields including precision and translational medicine as well as the study of rare diseases.


Under the leadership of the Centre for Computational Biology, University of Birmingham researchers are partnering with scientists and healthcare professionals of Chengdu’s West China Hospital, and its 5 million outpatients per year, to help link cutting-edge ‘Omics’ data with clinical information across a range of conditions.

The WCH-Birmingham Joint Research Institute for Health and BioMedical Informatics, will enable joint interdisciplinary research and training across several themes by providing a framework to share expertise and perform analysis of Health and BioMedical data within, and between, institutions.  It recognises the need for close collaboration between methodology and application areas in order to make optimal use of both data and expertise. The Joint Research Institute will facilitate and strengthen potential interactions through clearly defined two-way benefits.  The initial focus of the JRI will be to establish a number of collaborative projects between the Institutions across multiple fields. 

This strategic link demonstrates the significant commitment to sharing expertise between the University of Birmingham and West China Hospital.

Joint Research Institute Steering Committee


University of Birmingham


Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier

Prof George Gkoutos

West China Hospital


Prof Wengeng Zhang

Prof Huifang Shang

Prof Jon Frampton

Prof Ian Tomlinson

Dr Graham Lipkin

Prof. Xuehong Wan

Prof Yi Liu

Prof Ling Zou

For further information please contact:
Ms Kim Ye
University of Birmingham

Ms Li Gong
West China Hospital, Sichuan University