Job opportunities in the Centre

The University of Birmingham has committed to create world-leading bioinformatics capacity and expertise with the creation of three prestigious bioinformatics chair-level positions.

The Bioinformatics Chairs are supported by a dedicated and creative team of bioinformatics research fellows, IT and administrative support staff. The CCB team works closely, drawing from their individual strengths and areas of interest to create a well-rounded knowledge base. The CCB team collaborates with University and external researchers, supporting them in their work. The CCB team has built strong links with bioinformaticians and related academics across the University, forming a network of working relationships, and building the CCB Community.

The CCB is a dynamic centre; with new opportunities at all levels. We are currently looking to fill roles directly supporting the Chairs, as well as in teaching, research, bioinformatics, and administration.

If you’re interested in bringing your expertise to the CCB team, please send us an email.

Current Vacancies


Lecturer - Centre for Computational Biology - 59521 
Senior Lecturer – Centre for Computational Biology - 59522 

As part of a new global search in key academic disciplines, the University of Birmingham now seeks to expand the CCB and appoint a Lecturer and a Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Clinical Bioinformatics. Reporting to the relevant chair, Prof Cazier and Gkoutos respectively, the post-holder will contribute at a senior level, to the wide range of research, teaching and administration that the Centre is involved with… apply now (Lecturer) (Senior Lecturer)

 Research Software Engineer CCB – 53582

The RSE (CCB) is central to the collaboration between the CCB and ARC to support and develop research in the life sciences and computational biology in particular. The post holder will join the Research Software Group, part of ARC in IT Services but embedded with the CCB to support delivery of its mission.
The CCB works across campus with a diversity of problems that often rely on powerful computational resources and cutting-edge software. Software engineering is providing powerful new tools to accelerate this exciting field of study that is rapidly growing and evolving. Talented individuals can harness state-of-the-art technologies and collaborate internationally to make new kinds of research possible… apply now

Research Fellow (Modeller) - 59536

Working in the area of modelling cell fate decisions and gene expression control in the haemopoietic system, the post holder will be working in close collaboration with Profs Bonifer, Brown and Cazier and be an integral part of the Bonifer group as well as the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB). Funded by the BBSRC this project focuses on the role of signalling in the development of an active chromatin structure in development, using embryonic stem cell differentiation as a model. See for example: (Goode et al., Dev. Cell.2016 ; Bonifer and Cockerill, Exp. Hematology 2017, Basu et al. PNAS 2018, Brown et al. Nature 2014. Boley et al. Nature Biotech. 2014, The ENCODE Project Consortium. Nature 2012)... apply now