Job opportunities in the Centre

The University of Birmingham has committed to create world-leading bioinformatics capacity and expertise with the creation of three prestigious bioinformatics chair-level positions.

The Bioinformatics Chairs are supported by a dedicated and creative team of bioinformatics research fellows, IT and administrative support staff. The CCB team works closely, drawing from their individual strengths and areas of interest to create a well-rounded knowledge base. The CCB team collaborates with University and external researchers, supporting them in their work. The CCB team has built strong links with bioinformaticians and related academics across the University, forming a network of working relationships, and building the CCB Community.

The CCB is a dynamic centre; with new opportunities at all levels. We are currently looking to fill roles directly supporting the Chairs, as well as in teaching, research, bioinformatics, and administration.

If you’re interested in bringing your expertise to the CCB team, please send us an email.

Current Vacancies

Research Fellow (Bioinformatics) 80534

Play a pivotal role in providing bioinformatics analyses and expertise for various projects across the university via the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB). Select and implement optimal tools, pipelines and approaches for the given experiment as well as the corresponding training under the supervision of the CCB Director, Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier. 

Be specifically responsible for the management and completion of bioinformatics analysis for numerous projects. Participate in project design, costing and importantly, the completion of the analyses; achieved by working in close collaboration with researchers across campus as well as fellow bioinformaticians within the CCB. The role will involve a broad range of datatype, scale and platforms including, but not limited to; Whole Genome Sequencing, RNASeq, Methylation, CYTOF, clinical data, modelling, Machine Learning…. Apply now

Research Fellow  (Ontology – Data Science) 57478

Be responsible for the incorporation of semantics and ontologies in the analysis of biological, chemical, and clinical data. Be involved in the design, usage, and optimisation of ontologies and develop novel machine learning approaches that allow for the modelling of chemical toxicology, biological disease evolution, and clinical treatment outcomes  Join the Centre for Computational Biology and the Institute of Translational Medicine, working with Prof Georgios Gkoutos and will be involved in the EU-funded projects OpenRiskNet and NanoCommons…. Apply now