About us

Three doctors administering to a sick woman with her maid in attendanceThe European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH) was established in 1989, with its seat in Strasbourg. The very position of its seat represents the truly European nature of its mission and outlook.

We aim to foster research and the international exchange of views on all issues concerning health and medicine in Europe and their connections with the extra-European world. For this purpose, EAHMH attracts members world-wide, from North America to Australasia.

Members include demographers, social historians, social anthropologists and medical historians.


  • Organises a conference on the history of medicine and health every two years, bringing together scholars from across the world 
  • Publishes a book series, Clio Medica: Studies in the History of Medicine and Health
  • Publishes a journal, the European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health
  • Offers a high-level interdisciplinary and international forum for studies in the history of medicine, health and disease
  • Promotes and fosters research, teaching, and international scientific cooperation between individuals as well as with related national and international societies
  • Advances the education of the public in the historical aspects of medicine, health, and disease 
  • Encourages the publication of high quality research on medicine and health through the journal Medical History

Download a copy of the EAHMH Constitution (docx, 22Kb)