Procedure for granting Seed money to EAHMH networks

The EAHMH aims to foster research and the international exchange of views on all issues concerning health and medicine in Europe and their connections with the extra-European world. For this purpose, EAHMH attracts members world-wide, from North America to Australasia. Another way of accomplishing this goal is to create and facilitate networks of medical historians who have organized themselves around a particular topic.

Networks already in existence include the International Network for the History of Hospitals and the International Network for the History of Homeopathy. New networks have recently presented themselves, and the Scientific board of the EAHMH is willing to help them get started. Instruments to do this include advertising the projected network on the EAHMH website and giving seed money for an inaugural workshop where new networks can define and organize themselves.

New networks may apply for funding with the EAHMH by submitting a proposal to the Treasurer, Dr Jonathan Simon ( The following criteria apply:

  • In order to facilitate true European collaboration, networks need to be made up of EAHMH members living in at least four different European countries, including at least one from Eastern or Southern Europe (to become a member, go to
  • Proposed network topics needs to be innovative
  • Deadlines for application are 1 May in even years and 1 January in odd years
  • Applications should have a specified budget of expenses for the planned workshop, together with details of the activity
  • The scheme is competitive and will be reviewed by a panel constituted from the SB
  • Applicants are expected to report back to the SB after the conference, specifying how the money was spent. Information on the outcome of the workshop may be put on the EAHMH website
  • We consider requests for financing workshops up to 1500 euros

This funding scheme is open to all EAHMH members.

Existing Networks

International Network for the History of Hospitals

The Network exists to promote studies related to the historical evolution of hospitals from their beginnings to the present day by providing an international forum for communication and discussion among scholars interested in the subject. Particular encouragement is given to newcomers to the field. It is hoped that collaborative research among members will be encouraged.

The Network has a thriving conference and publication series. Recent publications include:

For more information see the International Network for the History of Hospitals website:
Christopher Bonfield  

International Network for the History of Homeopathy

International conferences, workshops, publications

The network has organised several international conferences, for example in Budapest in 2003 and in Stuttgart in 2007. A conference on medical pluralism and homoeopathy in India and Germany was held in Stuttgart in June/July 2011. For further details, please see:



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