Past conferences

  • Cash and Care, Cologne, Germany, 2015: From 2 to 5 September 2015 the biennial conference of the EAHMH took place in Cologne, Germany – organized by President Heiner Fangerau and colleague Maria Griemmert. In between the inspiring keynotes of Paul Unschuld, Virginia Berridge, Nancy Tomes and Wendy Kline, participants explored the conference theme ‘Cash and Care: Economics and Values in the History of Medicine and Health’ in a great number of intriguing papers and panels. Thank you Heiner and Maria for another wonderful EAHMH conference!


  • Bodies Beyond Borders: The Circulation of Anatomical Knowledge7-9 January 2015.
    In January 2015, the Research Group, Cultural History since 1750, will organize a conference on the circulation of anatomical knowledge: Bodies Beyond Borders. More information and a full programme can be found on the Ku Leuven website:
  • 2014 Conference, Kingston University, London Nursing History: a work in progress, 9 July 2014 For further details, please download the Call for Papers
  • 2014 Conference, Sydney, Australia Quarantine: History, Heritage, Place, 14-16 August 2014. For further details, please download the Call for Papers
  • Risk and Disaster in Medicine and Health, Lisbon, Portugal, 2013.

All smiles from the deck of our conference yacht; (from left to right), John Harley Warner (Yale), Arlene Keeling (Virginia), conference keynote Barbra Mann Wall (Penn) and Jonathan Reinarz (Birmingham; Secretary EAHMH).

Lisbon Conference host, Professor Laurinda Abreu, on yet another legendary EAHMH boat trip. Picture by J. Reinarz

  • The UK History of Nursing Colloquium, The History of Colonial and Post-Colonial Nursing, Oxford, UK, 4 July 2013. For further details please download the Call for Papers
  • Therapy and Empowerment - Coercion and Punishment: Historical Perspectives on Work and Occupational Therapy, Oxford, 26-27 June 2013. For further details please download the Call for Papers.
  • Body and Mind in the History of Medicine and Health, Utrecht 2011
    Thank you to everyone who attended the EAHMH conference in Utrecht. You can read more about the conference here. Pictures from the conference can be found hereand pictures from the Boerhaave performance can be viewed here.
  • Risk and Disaster in Medicine and Health (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Global Developments and Local Specificities in the History of Medicine and Health, (Heidelberg/Germany, 2009)
  • Environment, Health and History, (London/UK, 2007)
  • Cultural History of Health and Beyond, (Paris/France, 2005)
  • Health Between the Private and the Public: Shifting Approaches, (Oslo/Norway, 2003)
  • Health and the Child: Care and Culture in History, (Geneva/Switzerland, 2001)
  • The Healthy Life: People, Perceptions, Politics (joint conference of the EAHMH and the International Network for the History of Public Health)
    (Almuñecar/Spain, 1999)
  • Coping with Medicine, Law and Human Rights - Historical Perspectives,(Castelvecchio/Italy, 1997)
  • Coping with Sickness: Perspectives on Health and Health Care, Past and Present,(San Feliu/Spain, 1995)
  • Coping with Sickness: Science, Culture, Professions, (Lunteren/Netherlands, 1993)