News and events

News at the BCGB

2017 University of Birmingham Founders’ Awards 

The Joseph Chamberlain Award for Academic Advancementwas awarded to Professor Jo Morris and Professor Grant Stewart for their contribution to the understanding of the cellular response to DNA damage.

founders award

Young scientist wins prestigious award

Dr Marwon Kwok from the Stankovic group won a medal at the RCPath Research Medal Awards 2016 for his work on the role of ATR in leukaemia. 

Staff promotion and appointments

  • Jo Morris was promoted to Professor of Molecular genetics in 2017
  • Mathew Coleman was promoted to Reader in Tumour cell biology in 2017
  • Andrew Beggs was promoted to Reader in Cancer Genetics and Surgery in 2017

BCGB Fellow of the Royal Society
Bryan Turner who is a pioneer of the epigenetics field and a long standing member of the University of Birmingham was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. 

2017 BCGB Away Day visit to Soho House

This event explored the industrial roots of Birmingham as the “Workshop of the World”. It began at Galton Bridge (built by Telford) and followed the route of the Birmingham Canal (built by Brindley). It included a visit to Soho House, the home of the 18th century industrialist Matthew Boulton. Soho house was famously the meeting place for the Lunar Society, a group that included James Watt, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgewood and Joseph Priestley, which met once a month to discuss science and philosophy.

soho house

2016 BCGB Away Day Walk in the Woods
Members of the BCGB enjoyed a walk in the Lickey Hills for their 2016 away day at Barnt Green.

2016 BCGB away day IMG_6825

2015 BCGB Bluebell Woods Walk
Pictured are members of BCGB who went on the walk through the bluebells in the Lickey Hills (May 2015) 

2015 bluebell walk


Seminars at the BCGB

2017 BCGB Seminar series 

21st February. 12 noon IBR seminar room N143. Dr Veronique Azuara from Faculty of Medicine,  Imperial College, London

21st March 12 noon IBR seminar room N143. Dr Cristina Lo Celso the Francis Crick Institute,  London

25th of April, 12 noon IBR seminar room N143. Dr Petra Hajkova from MRC Clinical Science Centre, Imperial College, London

9th of May, 12 noon IBR seminar room N143. Dr Chiara Francavilla from Faculty of Life Science, University of Manchester.

13th of June, 12 noon IBR seminar room N143.  Prof. Adam Mead  from Radcliffe Department of Medicine,, University of Oxford.

Previous visiting seminar speakers


29th November, 12 noon IBR seminar room N143. Dr Sarah McClelland from Barts Cancer Institute, London

13th December, 12 noon IBR seminar room N143, Dr Nathalia Gromak  from Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford.

20 Sept, 12:00 noon, IBR seminar room N143, Prof. Tom Owen-Hughes, University of Dundee “Structural and genomic insights into chromatin organisation”

21 Sept, 9:30 am IBR seminar room N143, Dr. David Blakey, Mina Therapeutics, “Pioneering small activating RNA oligonucleotides for transcriptional activation: Preclinical studies on MTL-CEBPA 

May 24th May, Prof. Claus Nerlov, University of Oxford. “Dissecting hematopoietic stem- and progenitor cell populations using molecular and functional single cell approaches”

April 19th, Dr Adele Murrell, University of Bath, “Models for studying epigenetic gene regulation in breast cancer” 

March 15th Prof. Dean Jackson, University of Manchester “Activation of signalling through the NF-kappaB and p53 stress response networks: mapping signalling oscillations to cell fate” 

Feb 19th, Prof. Daniel G. Tenen, Director of the Blood Program of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Director of the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, “Epigenetic regulation by RNA in a normal and malignant context” 

Feb 16th, Prof. Elias Campo, Research Director, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, “Clinical impact of recurrent coding and non-coding mutations in CLL”

19th January, Florian Grebian, Ludwig Boltxmann Institute for Cancer Research, Identification of critical effectors of C/EBPalpha mutant AML. 


Dec 1st, Dr Tatjana Sauka-Spengler, Associate Professor of Genome Biology, MRC Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford “Pioneering the chromatin for neural crest specification”  

Nov 24th, Dr Marco Saponaro, Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences.  Transcription regulation in the context of genome stability maintenance”

23rd October, John Bushweller, University of Virginia. Drugging the undruggable – Targeting transcription factors for cancer therapy.

8th Sept, Asifa Akhtar, Max Planck Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics, Freiburg. Epigenetic regulation by MOF containing complexes.

8th Sept, Dirk Schübeler, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel. Reading and writing DNA methylation.

25th June, Prof Ann Harris, Northwestern University, Chicago. Coordinating epithelial function: from single locus to transcriptional network.

16-June, Paola Scaffidi, Epigenetics and functional intra-tumour heterogeneity.

19-May, Bertie Gottgens, University of Cambridge. Single Cell Biology Links Cellular Function with Molecular Profile to Reveal Gene Regulatory Networks. 

21-April, Marco Saponaro, Francis Crick Institute. Transcription Regulation in the Context of Genome Stability Maintenance. 

17-March, Peter Fraser, Babraham Institute, 3D Structure and Function of the Genome: from Cell Populations to Single Cell Analyses. 

25-February, Francis Stewart, University of Dresden, Regulation of the Genome by MLL Family Histone Methyl Transferases.